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Comfort: The lightest full size, 6-way carry golf bag in the world features ergonomic strap technology to allow for the proper transfer of weight from your golf bag to your back. The straps will easily adjust to fit every body type.

Organization: We added 7 pockets to choose from so no accessory gets left behind. 

Efficiency: Our golf bag brings together the most important aspects of a great golf bag. It’s lightweight, durable, and full of storage space. So grab the color of your choice and we'll see you GREENSIDE. 

  • 6 way top, 9.5 inch width, 4.4 Lbs
  • Leg stand keeps your golf bag upright during each shot. ‘Easy lay’ technology allows for effortless placement
  • 2 valuables pockets come with waterproof zipper and soft fabric ‘no scratch’ liner
  • Cooler pocket with drain hole! Don’t be afraid to throw some ice in your golf bag with a few beverages. The plastic liner will keep your drinks cold and allow for the melted cubes to drain out of the bag. 
  • Rain Hood Included to keep those clubs CLEAN


Customer Reviews

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"I always walk the course when I play and the Greenside Golf bag/cart combo is so light and easy to push that I actually have energy for the back nine."

- Josh V.