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The G Wagon™ Golf Bag Cart

The G Wagon™ Golf Bag Cart

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Sale price $229.99 Regular price $329.99
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⛳ Easy to Push

💦 Water-Resistant

🏌️ Makes 18 Holes Feel Like 9

👍 Lightweight Aluminum Frame

⭐ 30-Day Guarantee

The G Wagon™ Golf Bag Cart

Regular price $229.99
Sale price $229.99 Regular price $329.99
SAVE 30% Sold out
Introducing The G Wagon Golf Bag Cart – Elevate Your Game with Unmatched Convenience!

Embark on a new era of golfing with The G Wagon – where cutting-edge features meet seamless functionality. This golf bag cart is meticulously crafted to enhance your golfing experience, ensuring that every round is a joyous journey on the course:

Effortless Expand and Collapse
The G Wagon introduces a game-changing feature with its easy push button mechanism, allowing you to effortlessly expand or collapse the cart with a simple touch. Experience unmatched convenience and efficiency, making your transition from the car to the course smoother than ever.

Lightweight Aluminum Frame
Crafted with innovation in mind, The G Wagon boasts a lightweight aluminum frame weighing in at under 18 lbs. Say goodbye to cumbersome carts; The G Wagon provides durability without the unnecessary weight, making it the ideal companion for golfers on the move.

Easy Roll' Technology
Immerse yourself in the joy of effortless navigation with The G Wagon's 'Easy Roll' technology. Glide smoothly across the fairways with the maintenance-free wheels, ensuring a consistently smooth ride that enhances your overall golfing experience.
One-Click Foot Brake
Take control of your cart with a single click. The G Wagon features a one-click foot brake, providing instant stability and secure parking when you need it. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your cart stays put while you focus on your swing.

Customizable Straps for Any Bag
The G Wagon understands that golf bags come in various shapes and sizes. With adjustable straps, this cart accommodates any golf bag securely, ensuring a snug fit and eliminating the hassle of bag movement during your round.

Ample Storage and Convenience Features
Experience unparalleled convenience with The G Wagon's three storage compartments, offering dedicated space for your accessories. The cooler pocket keeps your beverages refreshing, the umbrella holder ensures you're prepared for any weather, and the drink holder keeps you hydrated on the go.

Elevate your golfing journey with The G Wagon Golf Bag Cart – where innovation, style, and functionality converge to redefine the way you navigate the course. Discover a new level of convenience that enhances every aspect of your game.

*Bag Not Included*
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  • ★★★★★


    The G Wagon was just like it was advertised. Lightweight, comfortable and easy to push.


  • ★★★★★


    Best golf bag and cart I've ever used. Whoever designed these is a genius!


  • ★★★★★


    This G Wagon cart is a game changer!!


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Effortless Excellence

Experience golfing like never before with The G Wagon – the epitome of effortless excellence on the course. Thanks to its easy push-button mechanism, expanding and collapsing the cart is a breeze, setting the stage for a seamless transition from your car to the fairway. The lightweight aluminum frame, weighing under 18 lbs, ensures that you move with agility without compromising on durability. Glide smoothly with 'Easy Roll' technology, allowing you to focus on perfecting your swing rather than struggling with your equipment. The G Wagon isn't just a cart; it's a testament to a new era of golfing convenience, providing you with the tools you need to master your rounds effortlessly.



Customers love our company for our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, creating golf bags that not only meet but exceed their expectations for style, comfort, and functionality on the golf course.

Our attention to detail and customer service ensures a premium experience with every purchase.


Long-Lasting Durability

High-Quality Materials

30-Day Gurantee

Tailored Convenience

The G Wagon Golf Bag Cart is more than just a means of transport – it's your personalized caddy on wheels. The one-click foot brake delivers instant stability, offering peace of mind during breaks and ensuring secure parking. Adjustable straps cater to any golf bag, securing it in place and eliminating unnecessary movement. With three storage compartments, including a cooler pocket for refreshing beverages, an umbrella holder for all-weather preparedness, and a dedicated drink holder, The G Wagon anticipates your needs on the course. Elevate your game with a golf bag cart that goes beyond expectations, delivering tailored convenience for your ultimate golfing experience.